professional training program

for client-centered coaching


Embodied · To make concrete and perceptible. To represent in human form. To drop in, and be fully present with the wisdom held in the body. To trust yourself so fully that it radiates out of your pores, lives in your bones, and moves you through the world.

Intuitive · Direct perception of truth. To understand or know something immediately. To access reliable inner guidance. Connecting to the infinite well of wisdom, creativity, and support that is always alive within you. 

Coaching as an Embodied Intuitive connects you and your client through the magic of intuition, and the intelligence of the human body. It’s a nuanced approach that puts the wisdom of your client at the center of every interaction, and is designed to foster your client's steady trust in themselves as the most reliable source of the answers they seek.

As a coach, we have an ethical responsibility to center our client, and the unique magic that lives within them, in a way that is compassionate, skilled, and guided by the body. Looking to our clients as the keeper of wisdom anchors them as they meet the edges and depths of themselves, and learn to embrace the vastness of their gorgeous humanity.

With each session, we have an opportunity to use every ounce of our capacity to witness our client as fully as we can; holding up a mirror so they can know the fullness of themselves in each moment. 

Because coaching isn’t about you. It’s not about the gloss of your tools and techniques. It’s not about proving your value, or delivering outcomes. It’s not about the rarified visions you download for them from ancestors, or the healing energy that can uplevel and amplify their manifestations. And it certainly isn’t about a signature 5-step protocol, or the latest accountability models for scalable success. 

It’s about the amazing, nuanced, complex person who is sitting in front of you, looking for a better way to express the aliveness of their humanity in this weird and wonderful world. It’s about making them the center of every inquiry, and, by extension, highlighting them as the source of each answer that arises. 


The client is the keeper of the wisdom they seek, and our job is to skillfully guide them home to that truth again, and again. To fine tune the skill of self-trust, until it becomes second nature. 

You know that the dusty, outdated model of coaches having the answers, delivering value, and leading clients using subtle (or, sometimes even downright harmful) protocols, tools and strategies, isn’t the way forward. You know the coaching industry is in need of an evolution, and you want to be a living, breathing part of that change. You want a program that is designed for deeply feeling, sensitive souls, who have an existing relationship with their wild intuition, and you want to enhance and use these gifts in the most elevated, ethical expression of your work. You are curious, you believe in the ineffable magic of human potential, and you want to embody the mastery and nuance needed to be the most amazing coach that you can be. 


This program is designed for coaches and space-holders who already know their clients are remarkable wonders of human expression that belong at the center of this work.


Put simply, my goal for this program is for you to be able to say the same thing about your unique and magical coaching skills with just as much confidence (and your preferred measure of profanity).

I’ve been coaching and mentoring for 8 years, which, in the grand scheme of the vast and mysterious cosmos, isn’t that long. But it’s enough to have done my share of impactful work with some pretty spectacular humans. Humans who have repeatedly stunned me with the majesty of their wisdom, and powerful, unique-to-them gifts. In many ways, I created this training program to honour and celebrate my clients because they have shown me, again and again, that they belong at the center of everything I do. They have proven the theory that you can always find the answers you seek, by connecting to your body, your intuition, and by being lovingly held and witnessed by a skilled guide. My clients have shown me that embodied intuition (a.k.a. self-trust) is a muscle you can build, and that, when strong, it is the most powerful energy you can move through the world with. Ode to my clients aside, I’ve also gotten a veritable buffet of training and certifications that I’ve synthesized and blended to become the professional I am today (from poly-vagal theory, to tarot and human design, to unshaming the psyche, accessing creativity and peak potential, and beyond) and I'm so excited to share everything I know with you!

I’m your teacher and mentor, Monica, and I’m really effing good at what I do. 


1 Centerpoint (The Client) | 3 Pillars (Opening, Trusting, Holding)
9 Core Skills (Curiosity, Intuition, Somatic Awareness, Discernment, Attunement, etc) 
3 Elements (Intelligence, Intuition, Self-Trust)

professional training framework

This is not a model of learning that limits you to a specific, cookie-cutter "approach". Instead, we are looking to bring forward your unique gifts in client-centered coaching. Together, we'll be exploring where intuition, body-based (somatic) wisdom, and ethical, trauma-informed coaching intersect in your practice. 

The client sits at the center of this model as the keeper of wisdom. Fundamental to this approach is the guiding principle that any answers the client seeks are already nested within them, and can be accessed through their unique expression of embodied intuition. Our job, as their coach, is to learn to hold that truth with unwavering steadiness, and mirror it back to them in ways that feel safe and accessible to their body and nervous systems.

What you learn will be focused on integration & embodiment

client-centered coaching

3 Elements weave through each pillar: Intelligence, Intuition, Self-Trust. These three elements are layered into each module of the training (and the skills you will develop) as they form the essential pathway of deepening into the wisdom within. We begin with an embodied sense of the profound intelligence that lies within us, and around us. With that in place, it opens us to the subtle intuitive nudges that are guiding us home to ourselves, and what we already know. Having glimpsed our inner wisdom, the radical act of trusting oneself allows us to integrate what we have learned, and center our innate wisdom as the place from which we take inspired action. This is a process we must do for ourselves first, so as to be masterful guides for our clients as they access their innate wisdom with our support.

intelligence, intuition, self-trust

Opening is where we begin. This pillar is where your intuitive nudge and the client’s embodied wisdom meet and act as an entry point to guide the session into the depths of your client’s inner knowing. It’s rooted in a profound curiosity about the human before you, and radical acceptance that all things can act as a doorway to better know and trust oneself. Opening is the skillset required to find out what is most meaningful to your client in each moment, and follow that thread with confidence. 


Trusting, as a pillar of embodied intuitive coaching, is steeped in witnessing and believing what arises in the coaching conversation. It’s a nuanced process of allowing for multiple perspectives to hold true at once, of trusting the body as an intelligent guide, and encouraging all facets of the client’s wisdom and magic to express as guides along their path to self-trust. 


Holding is the pillar that provides the steadying embrace and focus required to witness and unfold the wisdom that emerges from within the client. Using masterful attunement with the body, and the nuanced discernment of intuition, you are able to offer a powerful presence and gaze: holding the magic of your client with precision, clarity, and gentleness, and allowing them the spaciousness to unfold and be seen.




The next cohort will be held in the Spring of 2024.



This will be an intimate, high-touch, small-group learning experience with no more than 6 students so that the program can be responsive and tailored to the diverse needs of each student. All learning will be held virtually.


3-Day Immersions 
For each pillar of learning, we’ll spend three full days together, diving into the material and skills needed to enhance your coaching mastery, and center the client’s magic with nuance.

11 Weekly Classes (2 hours each)
After each immersion, we’ll have three weekly calls, where we’ll focus on integration (how is this learning settling within you?), practice sessions (how are you embodying these skills?), and supervision (how is this working with your clients?). One for each focus to deepen everything learned. 

One-to-One Professional Mentorship with Monica
Included in this training are two 90-minute professional mentorship sessions with Monica to personalize your learning, and tailor the material to your unique gifts and practice.

Ongoing Communication
WhatsApp group for Q&A and ongoing support (unlimited voice memo and text) as you develop your mastery and integrate your new skills into your practice and life. 


Applications for the Spring 2024 cohort will be opening soon. 

Selected applicants will be personally contacted to schedule a call and explore if this training program is a fit for your professional development and existing experience. Ideally, this program is best-suited to those who are already working with one-to-one clients in some capacity. 

Once you are accepted into the program, a deposit of $1250 will be due immediately to secure your spot, and complete your registration. 

monthly payments

6 payments of $1250 USD


1 payment of $7500 USD


Pay in full bonus: One additional 90-minute intuitive coaching session with Monica.


Still not sure if this program is for you?

If you're feeling the itch to apply, but are still a bit unsure of whether this training program is right for you, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Reach out, and let's chat.