Amplify the precision and impact of your innate brilliance.


Intuitive Performance Coach


You're a rare gem at the leading edge of your field; paving the way with a diamond-sharp vision of what is possible. 


Your brilliance doesn’t need a heavy hand to achieve the next level of excellence.  At the highest degree of mastery, precision and nuance are what will redefine your performance and impact.

Like you, I work at a more refined level of impact than most.  My approach is unlike any performance coaching you've encountered.

Like a beautifully cut diamond, your multidimensional nature is essential to your unique power and magic.  Each facet of who you are, once seen and polished, fuels your most meaningful impact. 

In our work, we bring all the facets of your genius online, and recruit the creative energy that is already alive within you; driving you forward in powerful new ways.

This is performance coaching that brings your incisive intelligence, exceptional intuition, and multifaceted humanity together to amplify the beauty and precision of your unique power.


By the time the diamond gets to the Brillianteer, 80% of the work has already been done. The rough cuts to the stone have been made, and the large facets are in place. But the real fire and brilliance has yet to be seen because the magic happens in the last 20% of the diamond polishing process. And it’s very subtle work. The addition of these final facets may be small —and seem inconsequential to the naked eye—but there is nothing minor about them. These tiny, carefully polished facets are responsible for 70% of the diamond’s total brilliance and fire. 

Nuanced work, with a profound impact.

In essence, I am the Brillianteer of performance coaching: revealing the highest clarity, precision, and performance of your innate brilliance.

Any barriers to fully harnessing the power that already lies within you is polished away, leaving only the amplified fire and brilliance of your most impactful self.

In the art of diamond cutting and polishing, the final phase of bringing the gemstone to life is called brillianteering. 


The diamond represents the brilliance and wisdom that already exists within you. You already know that you are a rare gem —built differently than most. You have rarefied qualities that move you to embody excellence in all that you do. 
By the time we work together, you’ve accomplished 80% of the raw effort needed to fuel your impact. And, you know that what’s gotten you this far isn’t going to be what refines your edge to the highest grade of your clarity and impact. 

You’re hungry for the beauty and precision that can only be found in the last 20% of the process; revealing and unifying the nuanced, yet powerful, facets of your unique magic. 

Enter our work together. 

Diamond is the only material that can effectively cut and polish another diamond. 

As a client-centered coach, I focus my diamond-sharp attention on amplifying the power and impact of your unique gifts. At the same time, I hold reverence for the mastery of my experience, and the incisive edge of my intelligence and intuition. 



— M.B.

“Through the space held by Monica I fully stepped into my power, and I know that it only gets more expansive from here.”

— P.D.

“Monica is one of the most powerful coaches I’ve ever met”

— S.C.A.

“I’m showing up more powerfully thanks to Monica’s counsel and mentoring.”

— D.L.

“Monica is a brilliant guide. She distills complex ideas into actionable steps that fuel my growth.” 

— J.Y.

“My work with Monica has been the most profound I’ve done in my life.”




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