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…that tells a story.

Running a successful business is a lot of things. But mostly, it’s about people.

An online presence and sleek digital brand isn’t what’s going to make your business a success. You are what makes your business a success.

In an increasingly digital world,  people are starved for genuine human connection.

The simplicity and impact of the work we do, distills your brand into a reflection of who you are.

It becomes a natural extension of the real connections already at play in your business. 
The goal is to have your audience connect with YOU. To give them a brand, message, and an online presence that is simple, clear and human.

Something that gives them a reason to care.



I’m not the kind of designer who just makes things “look pretty.” It’s undeniable that great design is a factor, but unless it MEANS something, it’s not effective. I make sure that everything we create has a purpose and is strategically aligned with who you are, and what your business means.

I’m organized, and pay attention to even the smallest details. Meticulous is not something you can say about most creatives. My projects are impeccably organized. My communication is on time, and on point. Heck, even my bookcase is colour coded.

I live and breathe business strategy. Having spent nearly a decade as a trusted advisor to top-tier executives in the corporate world, my value was being able to see the whole chessboard of the business at play. I saw first-hand what worked and what didn’t – and got very good at quickly differentiating between the two.

I hear what’s being communicated about your business and brand, even if you can’t put words to it yet. I’m also a Certified Transformative Coach, so I know a thing or two about human psychology, and how to make the seemingly impossible, look simple. 

I hate SEO. There I said it. Despite being a self-confessed technology geek who loves learning about coding, development and all things interwebs, too many people rely exclusively on SEO to make or break their success. I’m over it. You should be too.  

I’m initiated into the mysteries of the art world. I started my career at a major art gallery, have a BFA in Art History, and a Masters’ in Museum Studies. I understand beautiful design, its cultural implications, and how to leverage it to evoke an emotional response.

I thoroughly enjoy bourbon. Which, frankly, has nothing to do with my qualifications. I just thought you should know.


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Working with Monica is an absolute joy! She has an incredible ability to read her clients and know exactly what they need. I cannot recommend Monica highly enough. I trust her completely with my brand and my business!


Robyn Thaler Hickey | Rebalance Pilates


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