I have the soul of a master intuitive, the heart of an optimist, and the brain of a business whiz.

I spent a decade in the corporate world supporting C-suite executives, ran my own successful branding and design business, and now am delighted to mentor extraordinary clients all over the world, helping them hear the voice of their soul, embody their intuitive gifts, and remember to trust themselves first and foremost.

I’ve always known I was intuitive, but didn’t realize the full extent of it until after a near-death experience several years ago. It was like a light inside went from a quietly flickering candle, growing in brightness, until it became a floodlight that I could no longer ignore.

Owning my intuition has been a process of shedding who I thought I was supposed to be, and embracing who I really am.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to be wildly intuitive. For years, my intuition was this low-key, everyday part of my life. An inner nudge to apply for that job, a gentle hum reminding me to call a friend, a wordless knowing of someone’s mood on the subway. Not flashy, or glamorous. Simple stuff that’s always there to help you out. The trick is to actually LISTEN to it… Not just when it seems convenient, or you have no other options.
Yes, the expression of my intuition *now* has more glitz, but that’s because I’ve made it the CEO of my life. With this top-tier promotion, my intuition has full access to my expertise, life experiences, tools, training, and business acumen. It may look like a risky proposition to most, letting your heart and soul call the shots, but I have zero regrets. It’s offered a level of surrender, trust, and support that allows me to feel held even in the face of hard-ass challenges.

By claiming my intuition and unique magic, life has become truly extraordinary. Aligning to my soul first has expanded my horizons, and made space for limitless possibilities in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I know the same can be true for you, too.


         I WILL    REMIND You Of:

In our work together, these are some of the truths I will remind you of, over and over again —truths you may have forgotten in this glorious, messy, human lifetime:

• You are more powerful than you realize.
• Your divine spark shines through you —even when you’re not trying.
• You are on this earth, living this life, on purpose.
• Simply BEING you, is enough.
• You are held and supported by life, always.
• You are never alone.
• Curiosity leads to magical things.
• There is no such thing as a “mistake.”
• Life happens FOR you. (So you can’t f#ck this up.)
• You are allowed to change. To grow. To outgrow.
• Expansion is your birthright.
• You have the wisdom of the universe in your bones — you’re made of stardust, after all.
You. Can. Trust. Yourself.

To be            by MONICA is A TRUE gift. one I'm                              grateful for.             

—  Hilary Pearlson



Intuitive Astrology & Human Design

Channeled Messages & Personal Stories

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Powerful Coaching & Business Savvy Skills

Trauma Informed Body Awareness



the trade

A mix of these skills usually make an appearance in our work together - depending on what you most need in each moment, and always guided by deep presence and curiosity. 




Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Eryn Michaud (2017 - present)

For years, Eryn has been guiding my personal healing journey through complex trauma, and has helped me build and maintain a resourced and regulated nervous system. Because of our work together as both a masterful practitioner and mentor, I am better able to understand the beauty and challenges of the human nervous system, and bring a trauma sensitive approach to creating a space of connection and safety with my clients. Dr. Eryn Michaud is the Clinical Director for Alpine Integrative Wellness. 

Human Design Facilitator Training with Nikki Brafman (2021)

Astrology Mentorship with Sister Shanti (2020)

I was selected to be a part of Shanti’s first ever mentorship program, and was delighted to further my astrological studies using intuition as the primary entry point to a chart. Shanti’s heart-centered approach to astrology includes intuitive birth chart analysis, channeling messages from guides/ancestors and the akashic records, past life regression, and helping you remember your own spiritual gifts and purpose.

Nikki's approach to Human Design is focused on using your chart to hold a up a mirror to show you your brilliance in both your innate design AND your lived experience. Using plain language, and easy to understand metaphors, Nikki's teaching style leaves behind the dogma of this sometimes dense modality, Nikki Brafman is a Spiritual Business Coach and Human Design Expert who has helped thousands of people banish burnout and pursue more fulfilling lives. 

Small Group Mentorship with Barbara Patterson (2018-2019)

I had the privilege of developing alongside a select group of extraordinary female coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs under Barb’s nurturing guidance. This incubator of creativity, heart, and connection helped shift the focus of my business and services in impactful ways. Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company, and the founder of “Beyond Limits in Business”, a global platform and community designed to point people to the source of human potential.

Alumni of “Tarot for The Wild Soul” with Lindsay Mack (2018-2021)

CoachING Certification with Michael Neill (2016)

This 9-month training program focused on a spiritual understanding of human psychology, and how to unleash the best of human potential and possibility with curiosity, openness and presence. Michael Neill is an internationally renowned coach and best-selling author of six books. He’s often described as the ‘coach’s coach,’ and commands extraordinary respect within his field.​


Embodying the lessons of trusting myself and my intuition —even as I change, meet new aspects of myself, and learn new skills— is a daily practice. I'm a living, breathing, human example of what I teach others. I try to celebrate both my mastery and my mistakes because all of it makes me a more experienced and compassionate guide. No one has it all figured out all the time, and that's both the joy and challenge of being a student of our deepest wisdom.

Lindsay’s beautiful, inclusive, trauma-informed approach to the tarot is continually evolving. I have taken this course multiple years running, and have come away with a deeper relationship to tarot each time. Lindsay Mack is the creator of Soul Tarot, a radical reinterpretation and intentional utilization of the Tarot as a healing tool; one that can assist us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul.

Endless gratitude to my teachers on this journey. You have held me, and encouraged me to take my soul’s great leaps. I stand where I am, in part, because of the ways you have spoken your unique love language as mentors.

OUTSIDE OF YOU.         

you are already that. 

inside yourself.