small group mentorship


small group mentorship

6 Months. 6 Participants. 
An intimate journey of coming home to your intuition and magic... again and again.

Your magic is already alive within you.

And, it's as mutable and shifting as you are. 

We are constantly changing, growing and evolving. And so is our magic.

These days, it feels as though that’s happening at a faster rate than ever. 

The journey home to our magic — to the voice of our soul and our intuition— is a pilgrimage that we take again, and again… and again.

It’s shifting moment by moment. Day by day. Sometimes is subtle ways, and sometimes so radically that it can feel as though we don’t even recognize the ways our intuition is communicating with us anymore. 

With the last few years being so challenging, and many of us operating from a subtle but present state of survival, it’s easy —normal, even— to fall into the trap of doubting yourself, and wondering if something about your usually trusty intuitive connection might be on the fritz.

I promise, it’s not.

This process of inner change and reorganization is not a problem to be fixed. 
There is nothing wrong with it, or you. This is, in fact, how your wisdom is designed to work. 

Your relationship to your intuition and your magic is not a fixed thing.

The voice of your soul is always calling you forward. Beckoning you, one step at a time, towards the highest octaves of who you are and will be. 

This means we’re often navigating new terrain within ourselves, trying to find the familiar hum of our intuitive guidance as it beckons us back home to our ever-shifting selves.

There is power in learning to hold both the peace of the familiar AND the fertile chaos of the unknown, as we come home to our magic over and over again. 

It’s an infinite process that we hold in a finite human experience.

In short, we’re a walking, talking, breathing paradox. And the complexity of our contradictions needs to be celebrated and witnessed more often. 

For it is in embracing the both/and of our vast complexity that we are forever carving a path home to ourselves.

This is an intentional and intimate space, where we are gathering to witness and celebrate each member of the group as they come home to the  complexity of their ever-changing magic, again and again. 

A space where we will honour the beauty of co-creating and co-regulating in community, so we can settle into a feeling of being safely held. Because when we feel safe and seen for exactly who we are, it creates a more resourced experience for navigating the terrain you are being called to walk next. 


It is a space of tender-hearted honesty. 
A space governed by curiosity and generosity. 
A space honouring our interconnected humanity, above all.

This is not a space designed to focus on externally driven accountability, structured agendas, or achieving specific outcomes. Why? Because no one external to you and your unique magic should be the arbiter of your experience and your growth. Least of all me. In this space I'm actively choosing to encourage all opportunities to deepen your trust in yourself and your organic timing, process, and unique-to-you guidance. 


To be            by MONICA is A TRUE gift. one I'm                              grateful for.             

—  Hilary Pearlson



My role as a mentor and guide is to provide an environment where every member of this small group feels seen, held, and safe to be who you truly are, so you can sink into the richness of your intuitive magic with more ease. A space where you can explore the inner knowing that is quietly waiting to be met and believed. A space where we centre your magic, and the magic of this group, first and foremost.

I can’t say exactly how you’ll emerge from this experience  —that outcome belongs solely to you and your heart— but what I do know, is that you’ll emerge changed, with a more nuanced understanding of the process and practice of returning home to the depths of yourself.



We begin the week of November 13th. Just after the two eclipses this Fall. 

We’ll complete our time together in April, 2023. 
Nearing the time of the Spring eclipses.

Having this experience bracketed by two eclipse seasons is an intentional choice. In the language of astrology, eclipses support our soul's highest expression. They offer a portal through which we are invited to let go of what no longer supports us, and embrace new ways of being held and seen. 

A hand-selected group of 6 participants, will gather together for 6 months of intimate mentorship.

We’ll meet virtually, about twice a month (at roughly bi-weekly intervals) for 2 to 2.5 hours at a time. These calls are designed to be long enough to grant space for each of the participants to share, be seen and held, each time we meet.

There will be 11 of these live, extended small group mentorship sessions in total. The schedule for these will be determined by the availability of the group participants, but could break down to look something like this…

virtual group calls

November - 2 Extended Small Group Mentorship Calls
First Half of December - 1 Extended Small Group Mentorship Call
January - 2 Extended Small Group Mentorship Calls
February - 2 Extended Small Group Mentorship Calls
March - 2 Extended Small Group Mentorship Calls
April - 2 Extended Small Group Mentorship Calls

additional support

You’ll also receive 2 one-to-one Intuitive Mentoring sessions with me, at 90 minutes each. This is a highly personalized space for us to deepen into your experience and expansion as you return to your magic many times over.

Lastly, all participants will have unlimited support from me via voice memo and or text for the duration of the small group mentorship experience. 

monthly payments

6 payments of $990 USD

one payment

1 payment of $5940 USD





Applications close on October 28th, 2022

My work with Monica has been the most                     I have done in my life.                  

—  Jennifer Young 




If you're feeling the call to apply, but still unsure of whether or not this small group experience is a fit for you, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Reach out, and let's chat.