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I have worked with some truly magical humans, and below they share a little about their mentorship experience...

Working with Monica has been the best decision I've made,             

—  Maggie Battista // Writer, Storyteller & Founder of We Are Magic Studio


Not only do I feel connected to her, but I feel far more connected to all that is and my soul, which is a priceless gift. She's witnessed my homecoming, reflecting my expansion and growth back to me every step of the way. While the live sessions are phenomenal, and always perfectly timed (thank you, magic!), the voice memo support throughout our engagement has held me so tenderly, so intuitively, so sweetly. I fully stepped into my power as both 'intuitive' and 'magical' through the space held by Monica and I know that it only gets even more expansive from here.  Thank you, Monica!

—  Sara milne rowe // FOUNDER & CEO of Coaching Impact

MONICA effortlessly combines deeply researched science with  intuition anD              
magic to create A
with oneself. 



 It’s hard to put into words what working with Monica awakens, but as I only have words, here goes...

 A connection that I am finding extremely powerful.
I learnt, and am still learning with her, tools to listen to the intelligence of my body, and to deepen my own ability to BE.
She is very special.

MONICA effortlessly combines deeply researched science with  intuition and
to create a
with oneself. 



To be           by MONICA is A TRUE gift. one I'm                              grateful for.             

—  Hilary Pearlson // Akashic Records Reader & Founder of The Dreamerie


Monica is a guiding light in my life, both personally and within my work. She has the unique ability to bring together both the mystical and the practical, serving as a potent mirror for remembering your own magic while also meeting you where you're at with deep presence, tenderness, and love. 


—  Sarah Albritton // Intuitive Leadership Consultant & Co-Founder of Soul Tours

Monica’s counsel and mentoring               expansive, courageous,               action across all realms of my life.            



Before working with Monica, I relegated my intuitive knowing to a small portion of a small box in my life. With her mentoring and guidance, intuition is now the leader of my life, the driver of my perspective and actions. Nothing is beyond the scope of my knowing, and Monica is astute at reminding me of that when I forget!

Her loving truth-telling has been invaluable on my journey from executive coach/closet intuitive, to intuitive coach to leaders to … who knows what’s next! Her invitations and insights continually reveal my own channel in ways that have allowed me to trust in those messages, hear them more accurately and consistently, and act on them courageously. There is truly magic in the mundane when we allow Spirit to move our bones. Monica has a rare talent for clearing those pathways to a freer expression of love, truth and self in the world.

At work, I’m showing up more powerfully in my executive coaching role and I have expanded how I think about how I coach and who I coach. Since working with Monica my business has grown 260% in 15 months. And that was during a global pandemic. Most importantly, it was largely stress free. Huge business expansion with reduced stress? Only in a world of limitless possibility

My work with Monica has been the most                     I have done in my life.                  

—  Jennifer Young // Intuitive Business Advisor & Founder of The School of Intuitive Leadership


I have finally experienced sustainable change, and would not be standing where I am today if I had not taken this journey with her. She’s not only helped me through some deep shifts and growth personally, but has also impacted the alignment and expansion of my business in a way that allows me to really live in my truth. Life is just so much easier and more fluid.

Monica is truly a gem.                     everything about our time                   

—  Rochelle Gance // Intuitive Guide for the modern woman

I loved

She was always so present and available, holding space for the things I was going through; I could always feel her warmth. She is the only mentor I have worked with who could really see me for me, and pointed me to the gifts and magic that I’d never seen or realized was within me.
The more we worked together, the more I deeply trusted myself, and the more I could claim my own unique magic in the world.
This would not have been possible without Monica’s support and guidance, and I am forever grateful for her.


Working with Monica set                       in motion for me. Her guidance was               the SPARK I needed to find a deeper connection with                          Nothing is the same now. In the best of ways. Thank you Monica!

—  Carlee Kelly // Principal & Founder of Lettuce Eat Produce Innovation


my intuition.


The clarity and insight I received from Monica in such a short time was                   

—  Christine Hakkola // Founder & Visionary of Build Your Private Practice


She reflected back to me truths I sensed were buried within me, I just didn’t know how to access them. She helped me bring them into awareness in a gentle way that allowed me to embrace them, and ultimately take action on them… and once I did, my business skyrocketed!

My work with Monica led me back to leaning         into                           aND                   the need for outside validation.

—  Tiffany Smith // Wellness Coach, Boudoir Photographer & Founder of Aura Atelier


my intuition,


Monica is sharply intuitive, caring and                                    ShE combines that with a range of expertise, modalities, and experience that really help you to                       and see yourself more clearly.



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