Thank you for your interest in this apprenticeship program. We are no longer accepting applications. My co-teacher, Shanti, and I have gotten guidance to shift the content of the course and create a new container that focuses on developing your intuition and exploring the mystic arts more broadly, with the purpose of uncovering the unique expression of your soul’s call to service.  

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Shanti is an integration teacher who helps people understand how their human and soul aspects weave together, in order to break through painful self-imposed limitations, remember who they are, and completely transform their experience on Earth from the inside out. True peace and joy is always the goal. First Heaven within, and then ultimately Heaven on Earth. Shanti has dedicated her life to the path of Service, and believes that personal integration and ascension is a gift that you give not only to yourself but to all of those you love, including your ancestors and those who will come after you. Shanti believes the system of Astrology is the most effective tool in activating and expanding consciousness.

You can learn more about Shanti and her work at or follow her on instagram @sister_shanti


Monica is a Master intuitive, and experienced mentor, coach, and consultant who supports leaders and change-makers as they own and express their unique magic in the world. After a near-death experience 5 years ago, Monica’s intuition went from a quietly flickering candle to a bright, inextinguishable floodlight. As a result, she shifted her focus away from a successful corporate career, and started aligning all aspects of her business and life to her soul’s highest calling. She now works as an Intuitive Mentor, supporting leaders in a heart-led way –  helping them awaken their intuitive gifts, and create a ripple effect of positive change in their wake. Combining her business acumen, deep understanding of the human mind, and precise use of intuition and channeling, she helps you remember that you are magic, and invites you to be a beacon of change from the pure gold of your heart’s knowing and your soul’s Truth.

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